Welcome to City Centre Voice

As a result of a review by the Government's Boundary Commission from May 2018 the City Centre ward has been split into two new wards: Deansgate and Piccadilly. This is to reflect the current and predicted growth of people living in the area.

The new Deansgate ward includes a large part of the current City Centre Ward plus a small part od the Cheetham Ward close to the Manchester Arena. It includes all of Castlefield, the are between Deansgate and coord Road Stations. all of Deansgate, Great Northern, Albert and St Peter's Squares plus Chinatown and the former BBC Site.

The new Piccadilly ward includes Piccadilly Gardens, The Village, Northern Quarter and Angel Meadow.  

You can find out which ward you live in here

Your new councillors contact details are below: 

Deansgate Ward Councillors Contact Details

Joan Davies, 
Email : cllr.j.davies@manchester.gov.uk
Mbl : 07795 635027

William Jeavons
Email : cllr.william.jeavons@manchester.gov.uk
Mbl: 07966 296316

Marcus Johns
Email : cllr.marcus.johns@manchester.gov.uk 
Mbl: 07966 295866

Piccadilly Ward Councillors Contact Details 

Sam Wheeler
Email: cllr.sam.wheeler@manchester.gov.uk
Mbl: 07966 295 988

Adele Newton
Email: cllr.adele.newton@manchester.go.uk
Mbl: 07966 296117

Jon-Connor Lyons
Email: cllr.jon-connor.lyons@manchester.gov.uk 
Mbl: 07966 296078

City Centre Voice will be changing to reflect these new wards too. More details to follow soon.