Councillors call for whole city centre to become 20mph zone


Councillors welcome consultation following long campaign to make the city centre a 20mph zone.

All roads in the city centre* could have a 20mph speed limit under bold new plans put forward by Manchester City Council to create healthier, safer streets for residents, pedestrians and cyclists.

City centre councillors have long supported the 'Twenty's Plenty' campaign to lower speed limits on residential roads. Following an earlier trial in four neighbourhoods across the city, Manchester City Council has now allocated ยฃ500,000 to roll the zones out to 46% of roads in Manchester, including the whole of the city centre.

The plan is currently out for consultation.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"We strongly encourage residents to support this plan, which would make all our streets healthier and safer for the residents who live here and pedestrians and cyclists too."

You can respond to the consultation at - there is also funding of upto ยฃ200 available for community groups to put on events to promote the benefits of 20mph in your neighbourhood. The consultation closes on 31st March.


*With the exception of the industrial area behind Piccadilly station, Bridgewater Viaduct leading to Chester Road and Medlock Street leading out of the city centre from Little Peter Street southwards.

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