£24,000 available for local community projects

Community groups and individuals are invited to make a real difference in their local area with the help of a new neighbourhood fund.

The Neighbourhood Investment Fund – which is replacing the former Cash Grants scheme – will be available to apply for from today - Monday 22nd June.

Local people and community groups can have a huge impact in their community and the city council remains committed to supporting activity that improves neighbourhoods and make people’s lives better.

Funding is available for projects that fall in to the following categories and local people and community organisations are invited to apply for financial support.

Work & skills – projects that help people in a community to get back in to work by offering additional learning and opportunities to improve skills. It could also help fund any activities relating to coaching, mentoring or volunteering.

Community groups – new groups can bid for initial seed funding to get an idea off the ground, become more recognised in the local neighbourhood and actively engage the community with activities. Established groups could also receive on-off funding to help support smaller groups and deliver local services.

Improving the environment and increase recycling – groups looking to organise community clean up or planting projects can bid – with special encouragement for ideas focused on increased recycling and waste reduction in a community.

Other activities and events – applications will be considered for events that benefit the community and support the ward priorities of the local area.

Anyone interested in applying for funding or to discuss an application, visit www.manchester.gov.uk/nif for more information,

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