ASBO issued against city centre menace

Councillors welcome ASBO excluding Katie Leighton from the city centre following 12 month campaign of terror.

Persistent public nuisance Katie Leighton has been banned from entering the city centre after Manchester Magistrates Court granted an Interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order on the request of Manchester City Council and GMP's City Centre team.

20 year old Katie from Monsall has been banned from entering any part of the city centre for 9 months unless accompanied by a family member or support worker.

The order follows 12 months of incidents of spitting, fighting and hurling abuse at members of the public in busy areas across the city centre, from Piccadilly Gardens to Canal Street.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"I'm delighted with this result. The sort of behaviour exhibited by Katie Leighton is totally unacceptable in the city centre and the city council and our neighbourhood policing team will take swift action against any offenders."

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