Our 2015/15 manifesto commitment: Access to hyper-fast fibre optic broadband for all residents


Cllr Kevin Peel and Lucy Powell launch our #BetterBroadband campaign with Sharon Maybury from Hyperoptic

In April 2014 we launched a campaign calling on BT to deliver hyper-fast fibre optic broadband to residential properties in the city centre.

Our petition has attracted over 500 signatures to date. It prompted a number of providers to come forward with offers to deliver services to local residents.

Cllr Kevin Peel has led the effort to link providers to buildings, meeting with council officers, resident groups and building management companies and encouraging more providers to come forward to offer choice to residents.

One provider, Hyperopticconfirmed a deal to deliver fibre optic connections to 20 buildings last autumn, with more to follow. Two other providers, 6G and Telcom are working with the council and local councillors to identify demand and sign up residents.

Since our campaign began in April 2014 over 6,000 residents in and around the city centre have new access to hyper-fast fibre optic broadband services direct to their buildings, with dozens more buildings currently in discussions with various providers.

We're now working with providers to roll this out even further. We won't be satisfied until every city centre resident has access to the fastest available broadband direct from your property. Find out more about the providers we're working with below.



Hyperoptic is bringing 1Gig fibre broadband to Manchester.

Hyperoptic is the UKs largest 1Gig fibre broadband provider specialising in connecting large residential developments, and is currently working with over 50 developments in Manchester. Their state-of-the-art network delivers the UK’s fastest home broadband service, 100x faster than the national average, and because it’s connected directly to the building there are no peak time slow downs or “up to” speeds.

Residents can help bring hyper-fast broadband to their building by registering interest in Hyperoptic. Registering interest is completely commitment-free, and the more interest from a building the sooner Hyperoptic can begin discussions with building owners.

Show your support and bring Hyperoptic to your building. To register interest visit


6G Internet, a North West based company are now able to provide their superfast Air Fibre network to residents and businesses in Manchester.

While most other providers use telephone-based infrastructures, 6G Air Fibre opts for higher ground with fixed wireless technology and its own network that supports superfast internet connections as standard.

6G Internet’s antenna and transmitter Air Fibre network represents next generation broadband and is set to deliver quality and reliable Superfast Internet connections to residents of Manchester without being reliant upon the same networks used by many other providers.

To see if 6G Internet can provide connectivity to your property, check your postcode online at

For Manchester residents who live in high-rise buildings, 6G Internet are currently engaging with landlords, so act now to register your interest for superfast Air Fibre to be brought to your building. The more people that register the quicker 6G Internet can engage with your landlord.

6G Internet are also a registered supplier to the Super Connected Cities Voucher Scheme, so if you are a business or are self-employed and work at home you may be able to get the installation of superfast broadband paid for.  For further details please go to


A Manchester based technology company offering the best in breed suoer fast connectivity of up to 1Gbps symmetric residential broadband services direct to your door that delivers as advertised.

The Telcom/Velocity approach to installation means they don't have to wait nor are they reliant on BT OpenReach to complete works before they can start supplying services. With a hybrid approach they can begin providing services within two weeks.

For more information about the range of packages available call 0330 122 2970, e-mail or visit


Work from home?

If you are self-employed and work at home, you may be able to benefit from the government connectivity grants for businesses. Just ask your connectivity provider for a grant-funded discount.

Find out more about the connectivity grant here


We offer an open invitation to anyone else interesting in giving residents access to real hyper-fast broadband to get in touch with us.

If your building suffers from poor connectivity and you'd like assistance please e-mail Kevin on

You can still sign our petition here

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