Parks spruced up & grot spots tackled with Clean City funding


City centre parks have been given a spring clean, planters have been replanted and grot spots have been tackled as part of a package of Clean City funding secured by city centre councillors.

The Clean City programme is a pot of millions of pounds from the city council's airport windfall dividend which is being used on clean and green projects across the city. Here in the city centre we've secured hundreds of thousands of pounds to spruce up our parks, replace and replant all the planters around the city centre and tackle the worst grot spots.

As part of the programme, landscape works are being undertaken and bulbs have been planted in Sackville Gardens, St John's Gardens and Parsonage Gardens. City centre planters are currently being replaced with new and better looking alternatives and grot spots in Chinatown, off John Dalton Street, Albert Bridge Gardens, the Chester Road roundabout, Bridge Street, Thomas Street, John Street, Church Street, Tib Street, Portland Street, Lincoln Gardens and Cathedral Gardens have had a deep clean and some landscaping work is underway to improve the general look of these areas.

These works go alongside the investment in new bins, better street cleaning services - including the purchase of two Glutton machines to assist with litter collection and help clear drains of leaves - and the installation of hundreds of new cycle parking spaces - all of which is funded through the Clean City programme.

City centre councillor Kevin Peel said:

"Our budget is being cut by central government every year but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be investing in making our city a cleaner, greener place to live, work and visit. This Clean City investment secured by councillors has been vital in achieving these goals."

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