Councillors secure towpath lighting in Castlefield

The Bridgewater Canal in Castlefield is finally getting lighting installed after a long campaign by councillors.

Planning permission is being sought to light the dark section of the towpath from the ward boundary with Hulme at the A57 to Merchants Bridge in Castlefield Basin with 8 new lamps.

City centre councillor Kevin Peel and Hulme councillor Nigel Murphy have been working for over two years to deliver this scheme. A planning application was submitted in September following an agreement being reached for the work to go ahead.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"It feels like we've been working on this forever but it is great to finally see plans come forward for new lighting on a stretch of the canal which is currently very dark and can be scary for people to walk along."

The application will be heard at the planning committee before the end of the year.

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