Councillors urge Castlefield residents to respond to consultation


Castlefield residents are being encouraged to respond to the city council's consultation on the Castlefield Neighbourhood Plan by ward councillors.

Manchester City Council has launched a consultation to determine the boundaries of the Castlefield Neighbourhood Plan - the first step in developing a statutory neighbourhood plan for Castlefield.

The Neighbourhood Plan, if approved, will give the residents of Castlefield more input and involvement in setting planning policies for the future development and growth of the neighbourhood. It is the first of its kind to be developed in the city centre.

Carol Middleton, Chair of the Castlefield Forum resident and business group, said in the Forum's press release:

"We want a say in shaping our neighbourhood for the future. We positively encourage new development, but with the number of homes almost doubling over the next few years, we’re likely to face certain challenges.

"We need to ensure development is right for the area, with a provision for families, as we believe this part of the city lends itself to family living, more than any other. Also the provision of local amenities, the value of remaining open spaces and the connections made between developments are all vital to the health of Castlefield. A Neighbourhood Plan can consider how these developments reflect and link with each other, providing much needed facilities for the increasing population.

"Castlefield is rich in industrial heritage, benefits greatly from the canal network and open spaces and we must take care of this important part of the city so it remains an attractive and functional place for residents, visitors and those who work here to enjoy for decades to come."

Read the Castlefield Forum press release

City centre councillor and Castlefield resident Joan Davies said:

"Councillors have supported the plan from the outset and urge all Castlefield residents to participate in this consultation to define the boundaries of the Castlefield neighbourhood, which is an important first step in the development of the neighbourhood plan."

Councillor Kevin Peel said:

"Castlefield is a really special and unique neighbourhood and it is more than just the area around the canal basin. Castlefield stretches all the way from Chester Road to the Spinningfields development and covers the area between Deansgate and the Salford boundary. We support residents in their bid to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan covers all of Castlefield and we encourage all residents in the area to make their voices heard during the consultation."

Respond to the consultation (deadline 18th April)

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