City centre councillors urge residents to vote Remain on 23rd June


We are your councillors for the city centre. Each of us has lived here for a number of years and watched as our city has been transformed.

We believe it is in the best interests of Manchester - particularly the city centre - for Britain to remain a member of the European Union and we urge you to use your vote to vote Remain.

Manchester - and the city centre - has done particularly well as a result of European funding. European funding kick started the regeneration of the city centre in the aftermath of the Arndale bomb in 1996. European funding has helped us to build Europe's biggest tram network, including most recently investment in the Second City Crossing and the greening of the station at Deansgate-Castlefield. European funding has provided millions to local universities and businesses to fund research and innovation. European funding has delivered new skills and training to thousands of Manchester residents to help them get into work, funded thousands of start ups and SMEs and protected or created thousands more jobs.

But this isn't just about direct investment. Hundreds of European companies build offices and create jobs here and thousands of Manchester businesses trade with other European countries, keeping local residents in work and the local economy growing. Fellow European citizens from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and across the EU have made Manchester their home - and thousands of Mancunians live and work in those countries thanks to EU free movement rules.

Our thriving cultural economy reflects collaboration and partnership with institutions, artists, performers, producers and directors from across Europe and people travel from all over the world to enjoy the results.

European legislation protects our wildlife, our green spaces and our air. Rights and protections - in the workplace, for consumers and minorities - that we take for granted originated in Europe and are enshrined in EU law.

All of this could be at risk if we leave. Brexit would damage Manchester's economy, put local jobs and businesses, rights and protections at risk and diminish our position as a global city.

Our vibrant city centre reflects our status as a proud European city - welcoming and outward looking. Protect our city's position and future - vote Remain on 23rd June.

Councillors' Kevin Peel, Joan Davies & Beth Knowles

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