Councillors secure funding for 1,000 new cycle parking spaces


Councillors need your help to identify suitable sites in the city centre for public cycle parking.

A thousand new cycle parking spaces are being provided in the city centre thanks to Clean City investment secured by your local councillors.

Residents are being asked to suggest sites for new bike racks across the city centre as part of a new programme of investment by councillors to increase provision.

Councillors are using Clean City funding to install an additional 2,000 bike parking places across the whole city, but with 1,000 to be placed in the city centre. £232,000 has been set aside for the scheme

St. Peter's Square has already been identified as a site which needs significant numbers, but we want to hear your ideas about other locations around the city centre.

We also have some funding to install innovative cycle parking. So if you have any suggestions of locations or types of cycle parking that would fall in to this category, please let us know.

We will generally favour locations suitable for clusters of cycle stands or in some cases ‘toast racks’ rather than singles. For security and safety cycle stands are best installed where there is a good light and good natural surveillance, not tucked away out of sight.

Local councillor and cyclist Kevin Peel said:

"There is a definite lack of cycle parking in the city centre so we really welcome this investment which we've pushed for ever since the Clean City funding was made available. We're keen to get your ideas and get the 1,000 spaces in the right places.

"We particularly want to hear your thoughts on really innovative solutions like the one pictured above!"

Send your ideas to your local councillors or complete the form online here

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