Drug dealers banned from Piccadilly Gardens


Six drug dealers have been banned from Piccadilly Gardens and surrounding streets as part of ongoing work to crack down on crime and antisocial behaviour in the city centre.

Manchester City Council has worked closely with Greater Manchester Police to obtain a series of two-year antisocial behaviour orders on conviction (CRASBOs) against the drug dealers.

They were all sentenced to jail terms during hearings at Manchester Crown Court, following an operation in October 2013, during which they were all found selling cannabis in Piccadilly Gardens.

Once released from prison, they will all be banned from entering Piccadilly Gardens and other surrounding streets. If found breaking this order, they risk being sent straight back to jail.

Three other drug dealers were also given CRASBOs banning them from Piccadilly Gardens in September, after being convicted of selling drugs in and around the area as part of the same operation.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"These people were openly selling drugs in areas of the city centre that are used by families, visitors to the city and people trying to go about their everyday business. We will not tolerate people coming into our city centre to commit crimes and intimidate law abiding citizens.

โ€œThis was an excellent example of partnership work between the police and the council and we will continue to crack down hard on those using our city centre for criminal activities.โ€

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