Great Northern SRF withdrawn for further review


The current consultation on a Strategic Regeneration Framework for Great Northern Warehouse has been withdrawn for further review.

This follows considerable input in the early consultation stage from Councillor Joan Davies and from local residents, as well as other stakeholders. Manchester City Council officers identified a need for more detailed analysis.

Councillor Joan Davies said:

"We’re delighted. The points residents and councillors raised have been heard and the SRF is under review. We know it will return and we do want to see the complex better used. Great Northern Warehouse is a magnificent building with great potential and the Square and amphitheatre can be a delightful location, as last week’s sunny weather showed."

The draft SRF proposed a building ‘on piloti’ at the junction with Peter Street and Watson Street. A drawing emerged on social media which showed what Cllr Joan Davies described as a ‘giant sci-fi insect’ built across the existing bar and encroaching on much valued public realm. Nobody seemed to know how serious a proposal this was.

See 'Councillors join backlash over genuine plans for building on stilts in Great Northern Square' in the MEN

"That drawing was the final straw for people who value the square’s public realm", said Councillor Davies. "That public space has been messed around with far too much over the past few years. It’s there for public benefit, rather than private gain. Occasional events are fine, but permanent structures are a no-no, as understood in a planning agreement dating back nearly 20 years."

At present there is no timetable for the new framework consultation. Residents can join the councillors’ mailing list if they’d like to be kept informed. Contact Cllr Joan Davies on and Cllr Kevin Peel on

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