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Manchester City Council is consulting on a draft strategy for Manchester’s 'green and blue infrastructure' – which includes our parks, river valleys, gardens, street trees, green roofs, canals and more.

These 'green and blue spaces' are enjoyed by all of us who live, work or visit Manchester. They need to be high quality and accessible to benefit as many people as possible. Looking after these spaces can include everyone who is interested in getting involved.
The strategy will provide the vision for Manchester's green and blue spaces. We will use it to decide on more detailed action – on existing and new green and blue spaces – by the Council, community groups, residents, businesses and others. It will also be used to support bids for funding.
The vision for green and blue spaces in Manchester is that:
"By 2025 high quality, well maintained green and blue spaces will be an integral part of all neighbourhoods. The city’s communities will be living healthy, fulfilled lives, enjoying parks and green spaces and safe green routes for walking, cycling and exercise throughout the city. Businesses will be investing in areas with a high environmental quality and attractive surroundings, and will have a healthy, talented workforce to draw on. There will be new ways of funding 'green and blue infrastructure', making sure that we can sustain the progress made by 2025, providing the platform for investment in the years to follow."

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