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Cllr Kevin Peel visits a recycling plant

City centre councillors need your help to increase recycling rates in the city centre.

In recent years we’ve heard from a number of city centre residents who have asked for better recycling services.

Because each apartment block or high-rise needs a bespoke solution, we’ve worked with managing agents over the last year, and helped residents at several addresses.

For example Scott, a resident at 79 Piccadilly, got in touch to say he was fed up with not having enough recycling bins.

We assessed the block with the managing agent, and agreed to install three times as many recycling containers. Letters were delivered to every home in the block, and handy ‘split bags’ were also distributed to help with storing residents’ recycling, and carrying it to the bin store. A range of posters has also been developed, which can be supplied as PDF for web use, or as A3 prints for the bin store.

Scott got back in touch to say that "the 'split bags' are brilliant and make recycling effortless. I've never seen them before and previously relied upon plastic carrier bags to separate the recycling, so these are a great concept and design."

A few weeks after the new bins were installed, the take up of recycling was so positive that the block was able to add an additional recycling bin.

Each city centre block is different, however, and so a bespoke approach is required.

At St. John's Gardens in Castlefield there are 170 apartments, sharing 89 rubbish bins. There were a few recycling bins on site but because they were all kept in one corner of the estate, it wasn’t convenient for the majority of residents to use them. Most weeks the recycling was mostly made up of garden waste generated by the caretaker.

We undertook some consultation with residents and installed extra recycling bins, making space for them by removing over 60 rubbish bins.

In the time since, the residents association has taken over the recycling communications and now update the whole estate to keep residents informed about recycling and related updates, and because everyone can now recycle more easily, the remaining rubbish bins are more than sufficient.

Some city centre developments had previously had very poor recycling rates, such as Deansgate Quay.

Again, following work with the managing agent, NDT Officers replaced a number of the rubbish bins with blue and brown recycling bins, and with a follow-up of letters, posters and split bags being delivered to all residents, there has been a massive improvement in recycling levels. Feedback from residents has been very positive, such as Anna, who told us that “recycling is a sensible process and Manchester is particularly helpful with its recycling of food waste.”

If your block doesn’t have full recycling facilities, why not contact us to see how we can help?

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