We get more correspondence from city centre residents about licensing than any other issue.

Since Kevin Peel was elected as the first Labour councillor in 2011 we've tried to have a sensible approach to licensing, balancing the reality of the city centre as a popular, bustling and diverse night-time destination for people from all over the country and beyond and the rights of residents who live here to live in peace.

We've represented residents in dozens of licensing cases. We've secured outright rejections of new or amended applications, restrictions to operating hours or tough new conditions in many cases.

We've worked with residents and licensees to deal with issues from the outset, facilitating dialogue and agreeing terms informally without the need for hearings.

We work with the police and the city council's environmental health team to hold licensed premises to account when they're not fulfilling their obligations.

Manchester City Council's Licensing Policy currently encourages licensees to be aware of their neighbourhood and discuss any proposed changes with neighbours.  

As councillors we expect premises to 

  1. Offer to hold meetings with neighbouring residents, quarterly or on residents' request.
  2. Provide a manager's mobile number for residents to contact day and night during operational hours.
  3. Have rigorous policies in place to limit noise from people entering and leaving the premises or using the smoking area.
  4. Minimise noise leakage from the venue and ensure it does not reach a level which adversely affects neighbours.

We know that city centre residents expect and tolerate a level of noise and activity beyond what would be experienced elsewhere, but we will support residents who believe the balance has swung too far.  

If licensed premises are causing you problems and attempts to deal with it directly are unsuccessful or inappropriate then please report issues online via xxxxx and let you ward councillors know.

If you are a licensee we'd be very happy to assist in setting up or widening communication with your residential neighbours.   

You can find copies of existing licences here.

You can find details of applications for new licences or variations on existing licences here

Manchester's current Licensing Policy can be found here.


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