On the spot fines handed to 250 litter bugs


Councillors welcome fines for around 250 people caught dropping litter in Manchester city centre in the first few weeks of a major crackdown.

Councillors lobbied for months for a special team of litter enforcement officers to hit litter louts with fines for dropping litter on the street in the city centre.

Most of the £80 fines have been given to people dropping cigarette butts, although some have gone to those spotted throwing away cigarette boxes, coffee cups, burger wrappers and newspapers.

While most of the notices have been issued on Market Street, High Street and Piccadilly Gardens, the team are operating across the whole of the city centre.

Anyone who refuses to pay the bill now faces being taken before the courts.

The move is part of a huge litter crackdown organised by Manchester City Council in response to concerns from residents about the problem.

The City Council has invested in more than 600 new litter bins which were installed in the city centre earlier this year while a major campaign has been launched urging residents and visitors to take responsibility for the issue by not dropping litter.

Advertising slogans have been placed on paving slabs – thought to be a first for a British city – while grants have been provided to community groups who want to organise their own clean-up operations.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"The number of fines handed out by this team in the first few weeks of its operation shows we’re getting tough on people who think it’s acceptable to drop litter.

"We’ve invested in the city centre by providing new bins, we’ve communicated with the vast majority of decent people who don’t want to see our city centre being used as a rubbish dump. Now, this team is here to stay and anyone who drops litter can expect a tap on the shoulder and an on the spot fine."

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