Councillors launch local election manifesto


Cllr Kevin Peel has launched the city centre manifesto for the 2015 local election.

Labour's manifesto for the city centre was launched today as the election campaign officially gets underway.

Cllr Kevin Peel, Labour's first ever councillor for the city centre on his election in 2011, is standing for re-election for the first time.

Labour's 5 pledges for the city centre:

Kevin said:

"Our 5 pledges are our commitment to you for the year ahead and give you the chance to hold us to account if we fail to deliver.

"The promises we're making are based on the priorities local residents have raised with us over the last 12 months - more green space, better broadband and extra resources to clean our streets, tackle noise nuisance and increase recycling.

"On 7th May you'll have the chance to cast your vote in local and general elections. I hope you'll consider your vote carefully and cast it for the party with a record of delivery and a better plan to make our city centre a cleaner, greener, safer place to live."

Follow City Centre Labour on Twitter and tweet your support @CityCentreVoice:

"Check out the election pledges for @CityCentreVoice @kevpeel "

Don't forget that the way you register to vote has changed and you may not be on the register at your current address. You can register online at - you just need your National Insurance number.

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  • Kev Peel
    Sorry you consider securing new investment to improve our neighbourhood “pathetic”, James. We’re doing lots of work with partner agencies to tackle the rise in homelessness caused by government policies and until we get a Labour government there is nothing we can do about what companies do with private land.
  • James Marsh
    Pathetic manifesto. You’ll clean the streets which are filthy , or actually get others to do it for you. And some money for parks.

    No promise for dealing with homelessness.
    No action against companies who are buying land and buildings and leaving them empty.

    You can do better…..or maybe you don’t think you need to because you’re guaranteed this seat.