MCC Consults on its Planning Process


Manchester City Council is running a consultation on its planning process.  Deadline: 18th September 2017 at 18:30 

Councillor Joan Davies says "Planning applications are one of the issues raised most often with City Centre Councillors.  We've often represented residents in commenting on applications and we've had lively discussions with many residents about how the process can be improved.  We really hope city centre residents will look carefully at this consultation and have their say." 

The consultation includes a detailed description of how the current process works, which is useful in itself for residents who are currently considering commenting on a live planning application.

If you're planning on responding to the consultation your City Centre Councillors would love to see a copy of your comments.  Perhaps you could copy your input onto a text document and send them a copy.

if you have any specific questions on either an individual application or the process in general please send an email to Cllr Joan Davies at

You can find a link to the consultation here 


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