New bin rollout completed


Council completes rollout of 690 new bins across the city centre.

Manchester City Council has successfully removed over 500 old bins and installed 670 new litter bins and 20 combined recycling bins (pictured) across the city centre during the last four months.

The new bins, funded through the council’s Clean City Fund, are part of a £500,000 strategy to reduce the amount of litter on the streets in the city centre and form part of a wider campaign of education and enforcement.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"We successfully lobbied last year for the funding to deliver new bins and a new litter campaign so its great to see it come to fruition.

"Now we have the bins and the education campaign we want to see tough new enforcement, with fines for those continuing to drop litter. We’re meeting with council colleagues and officers to discuss how this could be delivered and we hope to have an announcement soon.

"Tackling the litter problem was priority number one in our city centre manifesto at the last election and by next May I’m confident we’ll be able to say we did it."

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