'Don't pee here - we pee back'


City centre councillor Kevin Peel launches a campaign to secure an innovative new solution to stop the problem of street urination.

Residents of the city of Hamburg in Germany got tired of having drunk revellers pee in their doorways, so they decided to do something about it.

If you pee in the street in Hamburg, it'll come right back at you thanks to a special 'nano-paint' originally intended to keep dust away from cars.

Now city centre councillor Kevin Peel wants to bring the paint to Manchester to assist in the fight to stop people urinating in the streets and turning parts of our neighbourhood into a sewer at night.

As reported in today's Manchester Evening News, the paint has proved effective in Hamburg and a number of other authorities are investigating possible use for a similar purpose. Councillor Peel wants businesses in Manchester to purchase the paint and get tough on their patrons failing to use available internal bathrooms.

Cllr Peel, who lives in the Northern Quarter which is a particular grot spot for this night-time activity, said:

"There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for urinating in the street. Every single cafe, restaurant, pub, bar and club in the city has a bathroom. Yet I regularly see someone leave a venue, have a wee and then go back in again or move on to another place. It's disgusting, it's unnecessary and we want to help residents fight back."

UPDATE: A Manchester based company who produce the paint have already responded to the article and asked for a meeting. We'll keep you updated!

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