Our 2015/16 manifesto commitment: Extra funding and resources to boost recycling rates


Cllr Kevin Peel on a visit to a recycling facility in Wythenshawe

The city centre has some of Manchester's worst recycling rates. Cllr Kevin Peel, pictured above on a recent visit to a recycling facility in Wythenshawe, is chairing a new council taskforce looking at ways to increase recycling rates in apartment blocks and your Labour councillors have secured an additional £650,000 for education, engagement and enforcement work around waste and recycling. 

See information below from your city centre neighbourhood delivery team about how we can help you to improve recycling in your building.


We know that many city centre residents are keen to help the environment and keep the city clean, and that being able to easily recycle household waste is a priority for many of you.

However, we’ve found that there are many apartment blocks and high-rise developments where the recycling facilities are either not enough or non-existent.

Can we help you by improving the recycling facilities where you live?

If you feel that your recycling bins aren’t adequate please let us know - we are offering a free bin swap: we’ll take away some of the general rubbish bins and replace them with blue and brown recycling bins so that you can take care of all your recycling. In fact - if there’s enough space - we’ll give you extra recycling bins too (also free!)

How does it work?

A site visit will be necessary, as we’ll need to arrange this with your managing agent, and then we’ll make sure that posters, leaflets or letters are available to be delivered to every home in your block or development, so that everyone gets the message. Feel free to encourage your neighbours to recycle too!

The posters have worked well in other blocks where we’ve made these swaps, so we’ll make sure that these are provided to your management company (or residents committee, if you have one?) to put up when the bins are due to be changed, so that everyone is clear on what goes in which bin.

Food Waste Recycling

As well as the usual glass, tins and cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and cartons, we can also arrange food waste recycling containers for your block; when you email us please let us know if this is something that you would be interested in.

We’d love to hear from you about improving the recycling service where you live, so please get in touch with us: e-mail, copying in your local councillors, and head your message “Free Recycling Containers.”

Please include details of where you live, who your Managing Agent is, or how to contact your residents committee.

PS - Have you noticed the new litter bins in the city centre, with the separate recycling compartments? We’re keen to help you to recycle more wherever you are, so please also email to let us know if there is something else you think we can do (or if you just want to ask a question about it.)

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