Renters in Manchester will be better off under a Labour government


Renters in Manchester city centre will be an average of £624 each better off if there is a Labour government in May say local councillors as Labour launches pledge to private renters.

Labour has laid out its commitment to renters in the first Queen's Speech of the next Labour government:

  • Ban rip-off letting agent fees for tenants
  • Legislate for three-year tenancies giving renters and landlords security and peace of mind
  • End excessive rent rises by putting a ceiling on rent increases during the new three-year tenancies


Cllr Kevin Peel, who chaired a council housing taskforce in 2014 to investigate the role of letting and managing agents in the private rented sector, said:

"There are thousands of private renters in Manchester city centre, but the truth is they're getting a raw deal.

"Renters on average have to work two days a week - the equivalent of working every day until the 28th May this year - before they pay the rent. But in return they get no stability, poor standards and they have to pay hundreds of pounds in rip-off letting agent fees.

"We really welcome Labour's pledge to give renters a fair deal and we're glad that our own work on this issue here in Manchester has influenced Labour's policy at a national level."

Speaking ahead of Rent Freedom Day on 4th February, Ed Miliband said:

“Many of Britain’s 9 million renters are young people or families just starting out in life who have been ignored and let down by this government.

“The amount needed for a deposit on a home has risen beyond the reach of millions of young people and families starting out. As well as building more houses and helping people get on the property ladder, a Labour government will take action immediately to make life better for all those renting their home.

“Too often people having to pay hundreds of pounds in letting fees and other upfront costs when they move into their new home. It doesn’t happen when you buy a house - the estate agents’ fees are paid by the person selling - so why are people renting a home having to pay?

“Moving house is an expensive time anyway and there is no reason why Generation Rent should be ripped off by rules which don’t apply to property owners.”

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