Councillor welcomes Labour action to tackle rip-off rents


Cllr Kevin Peel meets Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds

City centre councillor Kevin Peel has welcomed further details on Labour's policy to introduce more secure tenancies and cap annual rent increases to end rip-off rents.

Labour added a sixth key pledge to the top of its manifesto which promises:

  • Building one million new affordable houses by 2020
  • Abolishing stamp duty on homes up to £300,000 for first time buyers
  • New 'use it or lose it' powers for local councils to stop developers hoarding land
  • Action to bring down rents and create more secure tenancies

Labour had previously announced plans to scrap letting fees for tenants, saving the average renter in Manchester over £600. And plans to regulate letting and managing agents following our campaign are also in Labour's manifesto.

Cllr Kevin Peel, who last year chaired a taskforce looking at ways to improve the private rented sector in Manchester, said:

"Labour's detailed housing plan will be welcomed by thousands of renters in Manchester city centre. Many are renting because they can't afford to buy and will be delighted to hear Labour's plan to build a million new affordable homes and scrap stamp duty for first time buyers.

"Others are renting long term but face soaring rents and an insecure tenancy. Labour will make three year tenancies the norm for those who want them and cap annual rent increases so your rent can't rise faster than inflation over the course of your tenancy. This offers security and long term planning for both renters and landlords.

"I'm also chuffed about the new 'use it or lose it' powers for the council, which means we finally have a tough new tool to stop the spread of zombie car parks by forcing developers to stop hoarding land and start building - or sell up and let somebody else do it.

"Compare this with the Tory record of the lowest level of house building since the 1930s, rents soaring out of control and a completely unregulated market and I think it is pretty clear which party offers the best deal to renters and prospective and current property owners."

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