Parents urged to apply now for their child's school place


Parents of children due to start primary school in September are being encouraged to apply NOW for their child's school place to avoid missing the all-important 15th January deadline.

The easiest way to apply is on-line at:ย

An application must be received for all pupils who require a reception class place. Attendance at a school nursery does not guarantee admission to that school's reception class - parents still need to apply for a place through the formal citywide application process.

Parents are encouraged to make at least three preferences when they make their application, and to rank their preferred schools to show which would be their first, second, third preference etc, if places are available at all of these schools.

Manchester operates an equal preference system when considering school admission applications. This means that each of the school preferences given by a parent on their application form will be considered at the same time. If, as a result of this, the system shows that a place could be offered at more than one school, their child will be offered a place at the school ranked highest amongst those named on their application form by the parent.

Applications can also be made by post or in person. All applications must be received by the deadline of 5pm on Friday 15th January.

School place offers will be sent to parents/carers on 18th April for parents who have made a postal application, and by e-mail for parents who have applied online.

For more information and to make online applications visitย


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