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Councillors urge residents to take part in the consultation about the future of St John's.

In October, Manchester City Council endorsed in principle a new draft Strategic Regeneration Framework in principle, to help guide the regeneration of the Quay Street & Water Street area of the City Centre known as St John's. The Executive Committee requested that the Chief Executive undertake a public consultation exercise with local stakeholders, on this document, and report the outcome to the Executive Committee in due course.

Please visit www.manchester.gov.uk/stjohns to view the Framework document. We would welcome your comments on this document. Your response can be sent by email to: city.centre@manchester.gov.uk.

All comments from people wishing to take part in this public consultation must be received by Monday 19th January 2015, so that all comments can be included in a report to the Executive Committee on the outcome of the public consultation. Please include your post code when responding and copy in your local councillors.

City centre councillor Kevin Peel said:

"We want to see lots of residents engaging in the consultation to ensure the framework reflects the needs of the local community. We're excited to see the development of this site but it must be appropriate to the neighbourhood and sensitive to the residential nature of the area."

Document Summary

Manchester Quays Limited (MQL) have prepared a new draft Strategic Regeneration Framework document, which will support the future development of this site. This seeks to address the issues raised during the consultation of the framework produced in 2012. They have requested Manchester City Council's endorsement of this framework.

The development of the St John's site will significantly assist the regeneration of a strategically important area of the City Centre, by introducing new mixed–use city centre neighbourhood centred around enterprise, culture and living. Which can help to transform the image of the area as a place to invest and further enhance the area's contribution to the overall city centre "offer". This should in turn should help attract visitors to Manchester and help create job opportunities here and within the wider city centre.

The framework is based on a two-tier development concept:

The village: A low-rise, intimate, mixed-use ‘village’ of 5-7 storey buildings. The village incorporates a range of uses, including workspace, studio space, retail and leisure, along with public space.

The Sky: A series of elegant residential towers towards the river, that  float over the ‘village’ and provide views across the city centre. A critical aspect of the vision in the framework is to retain the rich history of the site.

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