Taking Charge Together campaign launched


Councillors welcome the launch of a new campaign to start a conversation with the public about shaping the future of health and social care in Greater Manchester.

We're asking many thousands of people across Greater Manchester to share their thoughts on what helps and stops them living a healthier life, as we prepare to take charge of the Β£6 billion health and social care budget following the devolution agreement in February 2015.

Watch a short video explaining health devolution

The campaign will give us the chance to hear - in people's own voices - of their struggles and successes, as well as asking them to share any successful and even radical ways of helping people be healthier.

This will be invaluable in shaping our health and social care plans for the next five years and getting the 2.8 million people in our city region engaged.

People can join a conversation about everything from exercise and smoking to sleep and stress by going to www.takingchargetogether.org.uk where they'll be asked to fill in a quick survey before being invited to share their thoughts via our crowdsourcing online workshop.

City centre councillor Kevin Peel said:

"Councillors have long called for a public discussion to take place about devolution to promote awareness of the changing face of health and social care and give residents the opportunity to influence the newly devolved system. We strongly encourage residents to engage in this public consultation and we'll continue to press for ongoing public engagement and involvement in health and social care devolution."

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