Waste collection and street cleaning contract awarded


Manchester’s waste collection and street cleaning services are to be awarded to a contractor as part of a strategy to improve the cleanliness of the city’s streets.

The contract will be awarded to Biffa Municipal Ltd following a tendering process, and the company will now carry out the work for the next eight years.

The move is being made to ensure the work can be carried out more efficiently, as a single consistent team of workers will now be responsible for collecting waste and recycling as well as keeping streets clean.

It follows a large city wide deep clean which is taking place in the city centre and district centres across the city, paid for by the City Council’s £14.5m Clean City fund, which is aimed at improving the environment of Manchester.

It also follows a campaign to crack down on litter in the city centre, in which the City Council provided more than 600 new bins and arranged for an enforcement team, who have now issued over 1,500 fixed penalty notices to people who were spotted dropping litter since they started work at the end of last year.

The waste collection contract was previously held by Manchester Enterprise, while street cleansing work was carried out by City Council employees. However, everyone involved in the work will be moved over keeping their pay and conditions and no jobs will be lost.

City centre councillor Kevin Peel, who will be chairing a new council taskforce to oversee the rollout of the new contract, said:

"Councillors ensured that robust standards were put into the new contract particularly around street cleaning and your city centre team have insisted on new evening and weekend working hours to ensure our streets stay tidy through the night and over the weekend. I'll be chairing a new taskforce to monitor the first 100 days of the new contract and working closely with senior management at the council and Biffa to make sure they get it right."

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