Weeding the drug dealers out of Piccadilly Gardens


Councillors celebrate a wave of new sentences following Piccadilly Gardens campaign.

Operation Mandera continues to tackle drug dealing in Piccadilly Gardens as latest figures show success of 18 month long campaign.

GMP have had uniformed and plain clothes officers operating in the gardens since the beginning of last year. Over the last 18 months:

80 arrests have been made for suspected drug dealing. Of those: 

- 66 have already been charged 
- 42 have been sentenced (24 still working their way through the court system) 
- 20 have been sent to prison; cumulative 'jail time' of 31 years, with average sentences of 18 months 
- 11 have been given Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (CRASBOs) 
- 3 have been given Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs) 

25 of those arrests have been in 2015, showing GMP's continued commitment to this issue.

Cllr Kevin Peel said:

"We are very pleased with these figures but there is still more work to do and we will continue working closely with the police and the local community to identify and take action against suspected drug dealing in Piccadilly Gardens.

"We want to see a continuous police presence in the gardens and we have argued to keep the police pod as a permanent fixture and will continue to do so."

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